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Ray and Slappy Commentary: The Search For Techna

2011-03-28 19:34:50 by TransformersMarvel

Two of my favorite commentators RickyRay102 and Slaphappygam3r do a commentary on a Bratz, Winx Club, and Thomasfag WaynoPrecy06's movie :The Search For Techna. A crossover between the 3 franchises. Comment on the video and on this page on what you think on the movie and the commentary.


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2011-05-08 22:26:53

Am I banned?

TransformersMarvel responds:

What do you think?


2011-05-09 21:47:15

Aw shucks.

TransformersMarvel responds:

I haven't done anything yet.......

Anyway, please comment about the actual video.